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Savings Provider and Platform Reviews

Everything you need to know about the savings providers. Who they are and how they perform.

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Savings Platforms

Take a look at our independent reviews of each of these innovative Savings Platforms. With just one application and one login, you can have a supermarket shelf of products to choose from. And with some market leading rates available from time to time, it's no wonder they are growing in popularity.
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Savings Platforms ReviewsSavings Providers Reviews

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Customers should be at the heart of every savings provider's offering. Have your say and tell us how they treat you.

Savings Providers

There is a plethora of providers to choose from, so it can be a minefield when knowing who to choose. With the high street banks offering some of the worst rates available for savers, it's sensible to look at those paying more competitive rates. We review some of the newer names on the market as well as the more established brands, so you know exactly the who, what and where your money will be deposited.


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