An introduction to Cash Savings Platforms

A guide to what these Savings Platforms are and who they might be right for

"The evolution of Cash Savings Platforms is exciting and hopefully as they continue to develop, this will reduce the inertia that savers suffer from, as they make it easier for people to switch."

There are now a number of ways for cash-rich but time-poor savers to earn more interest on their savings than their high street bank will offer, but without the hassle.

To put it simply, Cash Savings Platforms are a savings supermarket where savers can make a single application, then pick and choose which products, from those available at the time, they want to buy.

The real beauty of these platforms is the simplicity, as many people are put off having to fill in another form every time they want to open a savings account.

In our guide, we have reviewed the most popular Cash Savings Platforms in more detail and highlighted who these individual platforms might be more suitable for.

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The banking crisis of 2008 brought into focus issues around the safety of holding larger sums of money with banks and building societies and savers started to question exactly what would happen if their provider went out of business. 

Our free guide aims to make savings simple by explaining the options available and how they work, to enable you to make an informed  decision about which account is right for you.   

This guide is designed to help you cut through the complexities and maximise the benefits of using ISAs to your advantage.

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