Insider's Guide to Wealth Management

A guide to help you choose or review your Wealth Manager

"This value checklist provides industry insights based on 30 years Wealth Management experience"

The current political uncertainty combined with challenging financial markets, means it has never been more important to work with the right Wealth Manager.

To help, our sister company The Private Office, has produced this free guide, designed to help you navigate some of the potential pitfalls when deciding to appoint or review a Wealth Manager and includes 8 essential questions you should be asking. 

Make sure the advice you receive is right for you and your family

Do you need a Wealth Manager?

Do you know the total cost of their advice?

Is the advice you receive restricted?

Could you achieve your goals without risk?

A large number of Wealth Managers only offer restricted advice - does yours?

Often 'hidden costs' means clients cannot clearly see the total fees they are paying

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