7 Key Financial Planning Steps on Divorce

A short guide to achieving financial peace of mind, before, during and after divorce

"Dealing with the financial aspects of a divorce can be incredibly complicated so working with a specialist before the divorce is final, to agree your financial settlement, is vital" 

It is sometimes said that the best negotiations are the ones where both sides feels dissatisfied afterwards. If so, this is never truer than in divorce proceedings, where both sides are likely to feel emotionally - and financially - drained by the time the case is settled.

Understanding the legal principles, process and the common mistakes of designating and agreeing a financial settlement is essential.

This is a period where some of the most important financial decisions of your life are being made and it would make sense to engage a financial adviser early who has experience in this field. By engaging earlier in the process, critical information can be provided to help you achieve a fair financial settlement and a better financial future.

To help, our sister company The Private Office, has produced a short guide, designed to help you achieve peace of mind before, during  and after divorce.

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This free guide is designed to provide you and your family with a useful source of information and explain the steps you need to take at this difficult time. 

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