The value of financial advice

Anna Bowes - Savings Champion Founder & Director
After years of low interest rates, many people are talking to me about moving their money away from cash. The million dollar question is, do financial advisers add any real value?

In our view, it is important to take advice from someone who is not dependent on investing your money to earn their fee. Surely it makes sense to take advice from someone who is paid to provide you with specific financial planning, rather than for just investing your money.  

Whether or not you need financial advice will depend on several factors, such as how complicated your finances and personal circumstances are and your short and long-term goals, to name just a couple.

Everyone should have the opportunity to speak to a professional, even if it is to check that they are already doing the right thing. However, the key is to choose an adviser who will offer you genuine value and impartial advice.

If you’d like to speak to such a person, we can steer you in the right direction because over the years we have developed trusted relationships with other industry experts - including financial advisers.

Indeed, our sister company The Private Office (TPO) might be the right choice, although their charging structure means that they are better value for people with more complex affairs.

Is cash the best investment for me, or should I be seeking financial advice?

They have a rare status in the adviser world, being Independent (not restricted to any particular area of financial advice), Chartered (the highest qualification) and have expertise in cash savings based on our own whole-of-market, unbiased research.

This is probably the reason they have been consistently ranked in the top 25 UK Financial Advisers for the last 6 years and have over 2,200 long-term satisfied and grateful clients, where value has been added.

However, if TPO is not right for you, the good news is that there are plenty of other independent financial advisers available with the right qualifications.

If you think it would help to talk to someone, contact Claire or Leighton on 0800 011 9705 and they will help you find the most appropriate person to speak to. 

Or if you'd prefer, you can submit your details online and we'll ensure the best person, suited to your specific needs, gives you a call back. 

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On average, people with an adviser save for longer and contribute more, leading to an average investment value which is over £40,000 higher than the average for those who haven’t sought advice.

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Or call us on 0800 011 9705

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